by Dave Warner

Last Saturday night, it was Cruise-In at the Rock City Reels drive-in movie theater, where The Blues Brothers, opened for the movie, The Blues Brothers.

Mike Bulger, with Cruise-In said, “We’re back tonight with the Blues Brothers Cruising In with us and they are doing a couple of quick songs, then they’ll spend the night and watch the movie with us. We’re going to have a good time.”

Brother Jake and Brother Elwood said they are just dedicated to providing fun, quality entertainment for Central New York and beyond, and that’s what they provided for the crowd at the drive-in.

“We are based out of Rome NY and we’ve been together for about twelve years now. What’s special about tonight is that we get to see the real Jake and Elwood Blues on the big screen, and it’s always good to see them up there. Mike gave us a call and we decided that we’d give a little pre-screen performance – the opening act,” they said.

Photo by Dave Warner – Cars start to pull in for the showing of The Blues Brothers at the Rock City Reels Drive-In movie theater.