Cressida played by Katie Drake, practices her lines while Mr. Mac Blac, played by Bob Gassmann waits for his queue.

by Dave Warner

Little Falls Theater had a special crossover event this weekend as A. G. Devitt’s The Brass Lantern met up with Angela Harris’s Mac Blac during two performances Saturday and Sunday.

According to the performers, the unexpected event blended the lighthearted, campy spirit of Mac Blac with the edgy, action-packed Brass Lantern.

Director and Producer Matt Powers stated “It’s exciting. This is a production where the two local playwrights produced a crossover because they both have an interest in radio drama. It’s an interesting amalgamation.”

“Angela and I have been friends for years and years and I’ve been a fan of her Mac Blac character. It seemed natural to have the characters meet up sort of, but my Brass Lantern stories take place post World War II. The question was, how do we bridge the gap because Mac Blac takes place present day,” stated A. G. Devitt.

Angela Harris said “A. G. Devitt thought our characters should meet sometime, so we talked a little bit and sort of drafted this thing and here we are. It’s kind of fun to do this time travel. Mac Blac is kind of the real world and there’s sort of a fantasy world associated with the Brass Lantern. It was fun to mix fantasy and reality.

LiFT headed to Beacon City where the Brass Lantern and a young orphan discussed the corruption expanding beyond their city. Little Falls was identified as a point of concern and the Brass Lantern needed the youngster to head there and keep watch.

You are then transported to Little Falls years later, after the once “Young Teddy” has passed away with an estate to settle. Confusion ensues with the usual suspects and the mysterious gin-seeking Martini Man.

According to Laura Powers, “Sunday’s matinee was a larger crowd than Saturday evening, probably in part because of the high school play “The Adams Family.” Those in attendance though, really enjoyed themselves.

You can listen to podcast episodes of the Brass Lantern by clicking here.