A summer job as a line cook. The struggle to read cursive writing. A jarring bicycle accident. Celebratory lunches and cocktails in bed. A failed business but a surprise inheritance. The fantasy-laden search for a dining companion. The desires of a luggage store owner. A couple on the road together. A chance meeting at a supermarket leads to a campground romance.

These are the nine short stories in the recently published book, The Camp People by Little Falls, New York, author Julie McCoy. It’s currently available on Amazon in Kindle and as a paperback.

Ms. McCoy has lived in Little Falls, New York, for the last 13 years. She spent her formative years in Munich, Germany, and briefly lived in London. Prior to permanently moving to the Mohawk Valley, she worked as a photo editor and communications specialist in New York City. Since then, she has worked in fashion and advertising and spent two decades as a benefits manager and bookkeeper for a labor organization on Long Island.

Ms. McCoy is a published author, playwright, and food blogger. This is her second book.