by Naomi Wronkoski 4th Grade Mrs. Rowley
Dolgeville Central School District

When the world is covered in dark, find a seed, near a park.

The seed will appear with a flash of light. What seed is it?

The seed of hope! You are right!

Plant it in muddy ground and go “Pat Pat” all around.

Within a few days, the sprout will sway. Sway, and sway, and sway.

But the plant hangs on, through harsh winds, heck, that plant got squished by an iguanodon.

But if you pity it, please do not!

Never put it in your flower pot!

Let it do what it is doing, and you do it too.

If it gets brown, water it a little.

If it gets weak, give it some sun.

The days will get more fun and fun.

Soon it will get big, so it shoots to the sky!

But please don’t cry.

It grows, and grows, and grows, and sprouts a bunch of rainbows!

The rainbows mean light! They share happy!

And soon the days will be normal again, like a farmer moving hay in a wagon