Tedisco: Victory for Taxpayers as Governor
Relents on New License Plate Tax
Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville)

“It’s a victory for taxpayers! The most powerful voices have spoken: the people of New York State and they have said ‘enough is enough’ with the nickel and diming of taxpayers, and finally, after relentlessly speaking out on this, the Governor has wisely decided to turn the page on his plan to force millions of motorists to pay for new license plates that they don’t need.”

“While the Governor’s spokesman is intimating this, I’d still like to hear directly from the Governor that no motorist with good, readable plates will have to pay $25 for new ones.  If that’s not the case, then his spokesman’s statement is disingenuous!”

“The Administration has to realize what the Governor and DMV Commissioner have said previously is in conflict with today’s announcement. If the Governor’s spokesman’s statement hinges upon an agreed-upon inspection process with the legislature, which he can clearly make fail, then we’re back to this all over again. We still don’t know, and haven’t been availed information from the DMV on the real cost to the state as compared to the cost to taxpayers he originally proposed.”

“Thank you to all who signed petitions, wrote letters and called out the Governor for this highway heist! Over the next several months, I and I’m sure many of my colleagues will remain vigilant in keeping a watchful eye of the Administration’s words and actions.”