I have loved Christmas since I was a child. As I have gotten older, the reasons for loving it have become refined, but still always boil down to a simple love of the season.

In the latest episode of Tiffany Talk, I am honored to be joined by Pastor Mike Servello of Redeemer Church in Utica, NY. I had reached out to Pastor Mike about a week prior and penned this in anticipation of our conversation. My exact quote to him was, “ I am not the best articulator,” and while wanting to do the season and holiday justice- I wanted to ask someone who is good at articulating to have a hope-filled conversation on the topic. I hope we deliver.

Through my writings, podcasts, and guests, you can probably guess where I stand on some things, and the Christmas season is no different. My prayer and hope for you this Christmas is that no matter where you are, how you’re feeling, or who you’re around, you experience the hope that I’ve found and, in true adoration, understand why.

Merry Christmas.