Photos & Story by Dave Warner

Think Local Little Falls and the Emmanuel Episcopal Church hosted a joint fundraiser Thursday night that drew a significant crowd of hungry folks.

Think Local Little Falls is a subcommittee of Main Street First and their purpose is to help promote the merchants in Little Falls. The group sponsors several events throughout the year, including Third Thursday, which typically highlights special functions like this fundraiser.

According to Mary Trombley, one of the committee members, “We really try to promote the town and get people that live here and those that live away from here to spend more time and money here, and to invest in Little Falls.”

In September, there will be a pizza challenge, which will include four stops down main street. In October, there’s a fall festival honoring the season. The public works department, police and fire departments are all involved in October Fest.

“There are super heroes, which are our own police and firefighters, and we have an event called touch a truck, where the kids can come up close and see the emergency equipment and how it works and ask questions,” said Trombley.┬áThe group also sponsors a poker run for the adults.

Trombley said “a lot of our events have entertainment because people will stay out longer if there’s music or people are being entertained. They’ll spend additional time shopping, dining, or going into other stores.”

“People of all ages like to come out and spend time on the streets and the more they see, the more they like Little Falls and they want to come back. I have friends who come to almost every Third Thursday in Little Falls because they know there’s going to be something fun going on. They’re coming from Ilion, Herkimer and Mohawk,” said Trombley.

The money raised tonight will help fund some of this entertainment and other items that are needed, including merchandising, signage and advertisements to draw people to Little Falls.

“It promotes the town as a whole,” stated Trombley.