by Dave Warner

Think Local Little Falls has their Third Thursday event this week on the 16th and it’s all about Wellness. From 4 until 6 pm, a 3-mile walk will take you on a route to visit and collect information on the diverse health and wellness businesses that exist in Little Falls.

Walkers who visit every business will be entered into a drawing to win a gift basket with products and gift certificates from participating businesses. All you need to do to win is ask the businesses to hole punch the number of their business in the squares to the right of the map.

According to Walk-About organizer Marchell Scarano “This will be year three that we have done this. It is a three-mile walk. The first year, the rain sort of held everybody back, but last year was very successful. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of walkers show up, walk around town and visit the wellness businesses that we have.”

This years event starts at That Little Place on Main and goes to Body Siense at 54 W Main St and travels past Tang Soo Do all the way down to the Fitness Farmacy location on 441 W Main, then comes back up Main St passing Kress Physical Therapy, Yoga & Wellness and then it drops down to the Just Dance Studio on Albany St, goes by the Community Co-op, over to the Fire Station, heads up to the YMCA and then back down to Main St for Pilates Contrology Studio and CrossFit PSE.

“This year we’ve added the Fire Department. They are going to be doing a blood pressure check and we didn’t have that last year,” said Scarano. “We’re encouraging people to bring their refillable water bottles as we’re trying to encourage less plastic use as well.”

There will be locations along the way where you can refill your water bottle if needed and the Community Co-op will have a small tasting station.

“We’re hoping that people will pick up a business card or a schedule so that when you get back to the endpoint, you can show that you’ve stopped at all the locations,” she said. “Your name will then be entered into a drawing. Each of the places is giving a gift certificate of some sort and there will be one winner.”

“It’s a big prize because it includes everyone, which makes it more exciting instead of a bunch of little ones,” said Scarano.

Last year almost 200 people participated in the Walk About.

People who are interested in participating can start anywhere between 4 and 5:30. “The walk itself is between four and six,” she said.

There are also teams that are organizing for the walk and dressing all the same. If you don’t have a team and want to walk with one, just show up at 4 and ask to join one instead of walking alone.

“Fitness Farmacy will have a team of girls walking with their t-shirts on and I have people coming from my studio who take Yoga classes and they’ll be walking as a team. I give them a bag with my Yoga & Wellness name on the front,” stated Scarano.

“Last year we had young and old, and carriages. We had a beautiful group of people and it was just amazing,” she said.

Teams are encouraged to do anything to make themselves stand out. Scarano said “Last year, my team had balloons. We encourage them to do that.”

“The idea for the walk is to show residents that there are locations in town that are very accessible with different ways to stay healthy that are right here in Little Falls, instead of having to travel to another location.”

The event will go on rain or shine. “This year could be a little cool, but right now it doesn’t look like rain, but you never know,” said Scarano.

The Walk About is sponsored by Little Falls Hospital