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Photo submitted – Phyllis Lapi – November Sky

by Dave Warner

The pandemic has upended all kinds of events in Little Falls, but Think Local has figured out a way how to turn the one-day Art Walk, that would have happened on June 18th, into a month-long virtual AND interactive event.

In past years, the group has been able to match artists to local businesses, where they would physically show their work in the windows. “With the long lead times and planning to make that happen, it wasn’t possible this year,” said Jessica Kelly with Think Local Little Falls.

“We decided to go with a virtual Art Walk and we’ve been looking at building a new component to our website which will house the virtual Art Walk and somewhere between 25 and 30 artists who decided to submit their work,” she said.

The site is interactive and focuses on some of the art that is being created in the community. “We are excited to be able to launch that today, June 1st.”

Past Art Walks have had a community engagement portion, and they’ve found a way to make some of that happen, even with the strict social distancing rules that are in place.

Marc Veri is going to continue expanding the mural that he has created out of material that is on the Main Street fence, just north of Price Chopper. “He will be putting the third panel on the piece. Each spring, he refreshes the existing panels that are in place,” stated Kelly.

Photo submitted – John M. Stehnach, Red Poles in the Spruce.

She says that it’s unfortunate that there can’t be as much community engagement in the process this year. “But, the mural will grow and everyone will be able to enjoy it through the summer,” she stated.

There will also be a scavenger hunt, led by Kimberly Sousa, who will be painting a mural on the windows at Designs by Shelly. “That’s where we’ll start the hunt and there will be a number of bees that are painted in other business windows throughout the City and people are encouraged to walk around and look for the bees,” stated Kelly.

If you have a guess as to how many bees there are, you can email your number to and everyone who gets the correct number of bees will be entered into a raffle where they can win a $25 gift card to any Think Local business. There will be a total of four winners.

They have also set up another ‘quest’ through the website. Kelly said, “that quest has four challenges on it. One of them is finding the bees, but also local yarn bombers who have been active in the last few Art Walks, are now challenging people to create their own yarn bombs either on their house or a tree in their yard.”

That quest is called the Neighborhood Colorburst Challenge, and the group is encouraging people to use yarn or any other materials that they have around to make a colorful splash in the neighborhood.

“They are also going to encourage people to participate in the Gorilla Haiku Challenge, which we’ve previously done at our Midsummer Night’s picnic, but we have incorporated it into this year’s Art Walk,” she stated.

The group wants people to write Haiku or encouraging words on their sidewalks in chalk about their neighborhood, or what’s going on in their lives. They are also wanting people to create rock sculptures in their front yards that are visible to everyone.

“This way people can log into the quest and share what they’ve completed, share pictures, and connect in that way. Hopefully, we’ll be brightening things up around Little Falls, while at the same time giving them the ability to connect virtually,” said Kelly.

The group is hoping that people focus on at least one of these activities, during each week of the month of June. You can tour the virtual art display at

Photo submitted – Robert Coppen, Spring.