By Dave Warner

The 315 Foodies held their Third Annual Chile Cook-Off Saturday night at Rock Valley Brewing Company, with five contestants vying for the $250 prize.

Mike George, owner of Rock Valley Brewing, said, “We had a great turnout. The community came out and showed us their support once again, raising money for the Little Falls Food Pantry. That’s a very good cause with a lot of needy people around here who can use it, so we help them out as much as we can.”

“A big shout-out to the 315 Foodies and the Mustard Seed and Heidelberg bread for sponsoring the event,” he said.

The event was a little later in the year than usual, but the weather was still pretty good. “Overall, we’re happy. It’s good stuff for the community,” stated George.

Preston Moore, the event organizer, said, “We had played around with the dates a little bit because we’d done our event in Herkimer earlier, so we wanted to space it out a bit. This is a really easy event to do – we’re on cruise control when we do it because of all the volunteers.”

“They just come, they stand over there and serve chili and they’re here all the time. We see a lot of the same faces helping us each time that support our events. That’s what makes it fun for us. It’s almost like a family reunion with the foodies,” Moore stated.

Overall, he said the group is interested in trying more events out and venturing further west into Utica. “We’ve done a lot of events in Little Falls and Herkimer, and we’re trying to expand our coverage area.”

Moore said that Mike George and his crew did a lot of the legwork on the event, which made it easier. “We love coming to Little Falls. It feels like our home because we’ve done so much here, and it’s always been so welcoming to us. Whatever we want to do, we get the support for it.”

He said that he’s looking forward to next year’s event but that there will be some changes, including reaching out further to find participants for the contest.

Pine Hills Golf Club in Frankfort took home first-place honors (4), and the People’s Choice award went to Southern Girl Diner in Dolgeville (1).