by Dave Warner

The Think Local Little Falls third Thursday event focused on Pasta & Desserts last night from 5-8 pm. For a mere $9 you got a chance to stroll the streets on a beautiful evening and enjoy great music and food.

Think Local’s Elaine Cobb put it this way, “This is our first ever pasta and dessert challenge. It’s replacing the pizza challenge because we don’t have five pizzerias anymore. It’s not a challenge like the pizza challenge but we really wanted to do a sampler.”

Meeples even provided a butterbeer cream soda concoction that was fabulous.

“We’ll see how it goes. I’ve seen people here from Utica doing it, so the publicity seems to have worked. We’ll be happy if we sell 250 tickets for this event in its first year,” she said.

The pizza challenge typically sold about 500 tickets, and crowds for the last one were over 800 people. So, the sampler has a ways to go, but after last night, it seemed that it was off to a good start.