By Tiffany Rutkowski

If you have followed the program and our story, you’ll know we began as a flower shop on N. Main Street in Dolgeville. Fast forward a couple of years, we’ve moved locations (to a beautiful old church on S. Main), grown the business to add small events, and all the while educated you on what we do, plus extras like DIY planting, tips, tricks “and more.”

Our latest episode dove into the core of what Tiffany (writer of this, further referred to as “I”) is here for, and without getting “weird,” dove into one of my favorite things to talk about – religion.

The fun thing that I‘ve found is this; in my business, the focus is on the miracle of growth: planting, good soil, watering, climates, etc. Add the aspect of growing a business, relating to people, and being in the right place at the right time… all things that have a parallel to Christianity.

In this podcast, I shared a portion of writing my grandmother had left to our family- what is our purpose? To purpose for eternity(where) one day we will stand before God, and he will do an audit of our life, our final exam. What did you do with my son, Jesus Christ? Did we accept what Jesus Christ did for us and learn to love and trust? No one comes to the Father except through acceptance of His free gift- His son, who died so that we might live. (take a listen to the podcast linked at the end of this article)

I’ve realized there is no meaning outside of God, In Him; everything has purpose and meaning.

So if you’re searching, take heart. There is hope.

A few verses can be found below.
John 14:6
Acts 17:28
John 3:16 + 17
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