On June 22nd, a Little Falls City Police Officer was involved in a devastating automobile accident, leaving work after his customary 12-hour shift ending at 7 am. The officer’s accident, which happened between work and his home, was a one-car accident that is being investigated by the New York State Police.

The Officer, Michael Hagan, suffered serious trauma in the collision and was taken to Cooperstown Hospital and subsequently to Albany Medical College. He has been hospitalized for three weeks, suffering setbacks, and now an anticipated long road to recovery. Medical bills, some of which will not be covered by insurance, have left his family and friends wondering how to help. His co-workers and friends have worked to help support his long road to recovery by starting a GoFundMe page, a firearm raffle, and notifying other friends and agencies of the trauma.

As a result, money has been raised by several organizations to help Michael ease the burden that comes with these types of accidents. Word of this setback reached the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association (NYSTPBA) Healthcare Navigation Program. This Program helps Troopers, retired Troopers, and their immediate family members obtain access to the best possible medical options. They also offer assistance to outside law enforcement departments when called upon. The State Trooper Surgeons reached out to The Signal30 Troopers Benefit Fund, Inc. for a monetary donation to aid in Officer Hagan’s unexpected medical bills. They were also able to send out a mass communication to the Troopers, both active and retired, to donate to the already established GoFundMe.

As a result, the benefit has been successful in garnering funds to assist Officer Hagan. Depicted above is the organization donating a check from the Signal 30 Troopers Benefit Funds for $5,000.00. This will go a long way to help pay uncovered medical costs. The message the Trooper’s union sent out to retirees has also produced extra help being forwarded to the GoFundMe.

The members of the Little Falls City Police Department wish to extend their heartfelt appreciation to:

  • the NYSTPBA,
  • the NYS Trooper Surgeon Group,
  • other local Police Agencies,
  • City of Little Falls Fire Department,
  • all participating city employees and residents,
  • and all the wonderful people in our community and surrounding area who have reached out and/or donated towards Michael’s recovery.