by Mike Cecconi

The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a new six-part online class on the topic of the United States Constitution, beginning Saturday, March 6th, and every Saturday through April 10th at 11 AM – 12 PM. This course will be conducted, open to the public, and free of charge, by author and educator Giacomo Calabria via the Zoom teleconferencing application, thanks to a generous grant from the non-profit Humanities New York program.

Dubbed by Capital Region events-and-culture website CivMix “Albany’s Renaissance Man”, Mister Calabria brings a wealth of historical knowledge and, even more importantly, cultural context to the complicated topic of the Constitution and the many issues that swirl around it. A teaching scholar for Humanities New York since 2015, Giacomo has led public discussions in the Albany area from Machiavelli to medical literature, from women’s suffrage to The Plague. Similarly, in writing on culture and history, his output has also been similarly deep and varied, covering from abolition to Spielberg, from essays on electoral policy to multiple novels. From beginning with a bachelor’s in history with a minor in the political sciences from Susquehanna University and a year abroad with Syracuse University’s program in Florence, Mr. Calabria has developed diverse perspectives on history featured from Readers Digest to the New York Times best-seller list.

In the six weeks of Zoom lectures and discussions, Mr. Calabria looks to present not just the Constitution, along with the Bill of Rights and its subsequent further amendments, but their historical context, their evolving meanings, and more broadly, the founding of our American Republic. He sees the Constitution as our greatest achievement as Americans and believes, perhaps now more than ever, that the better we understand it as a people, the better we can uphold it and use it to serve ourselves and our nation. Mr. Calabria looks to explicate upon it as the vital document it must be seen as if we are to be proper custodians of its power and meaning. He feels a better understanding of our laws and government, in history and theory as well as a current events context, can help us lead to brighter tomorrows. Not simply just history lessons, however, he looks forward to input from participants and encourages them to bring their own questions and research to the table for discussions as the course progresses.

The Little Falls Public Library is proud to host classes and lectures such as these, helping build historical and cultural literacy in the community and, with internet video classes, the world as well. The Zoom meeting ID for the initial March 6th session will be 989 8617 7591. For more information on this or other future artistic, cultural and educational programs, please e-mail the Little Falls Public Library at, check out the Little Falls Public Library’s Facebook page at or inquire by phone at 315-823-1542. We look forward to sharing the rich history of America and her governance with you!