by Dave Warner

Veterans were honored in the traditional ceremony held in Eastern Park at 11 am last Friday. Mayor Mark Blask, one of the speakers, stated, “I’m glad that we live in a City that has such a vibrant presence on Veterans Day. It’s always great seeing the kids here.”

“This morning, when I turned on the news, I saw Hurricane Nicole in Florida. A month ago, down in Florida on the other side, there was another hurricane and one of the stories today talked about the people that are helping Hurricane Nicole that simply shifted from one side of the state to the other,” he said.

He remarked that they didn’t even go home but went from helping American citizens fix their homes and lives in a Category 4 storm to simply shifting to helping someone else.

“When I was drinking my coffee, I said that’s what I want to talk about on Veterans Day because we hear about Veterans defending the country, which is true, and we are thankful for that. But there is also this tremendous portion of service and selflessness and simply not knowing what the world will bring but having to react,” Blask stated.

“Once you raise your right hand and join the military, you promise to defend the Constitution of the United States and follow all lawful orders. A lot of those lawful orders means that at the drop of a hat, you have to go someplace that you probably didn’t prepare to go.”

He said we thank Veterans because this kind of help is a big part of it. “There’s this innate sense that when I raise my right hand, I’m going to help somebody, and somebody’s going to tell me where to go, and I’m going to go. On Veterans Day, it’s sort of important to remember that it’s part of a larger conversation when you talk about service.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for all of the Veterans here today,” he said.