by Mike Cecconi

The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a virtual concert “A Composer’s Evening” via the Zoom web application by pianist and composer Margin Alexander, Friday, October 2nd at 7 PM. Though current COVID-related health regulations preclude a physical in-person audience, Mr. Alexander will be performing live and online for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Mr. Alexander discovered at a very early age that creating and performing music was one of his great passions, beginning with training on both the accordion and the piano in Europe. In time, he moved on to receive collegiate instruction in Music Composition and Music Education at Montclair State University, completing both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from that same university, affording him the opportunity to study the field of music composition under the tutelage of the Grammy Award Winning composer, Robert L. Aldridge.

Mr. Alexander loves the piano in particular because of the way that, unlike most instruments, it can function as an orchestra, all unto itself, with its wide range of colors and harmonies as well as its ability to articulate and mark expressions through percussion. He hopes that breadth and depth of range will come through to the audience in his performance for the Library community, in a repertoire contemporary yet redolent in cinematic neo-classical and neo-romantic tones. For Margin, music is a way of living, not just a way of life, touching on all portions of his life, his philosophy, his religion, his means of communicating his passions to the world. Mr. Alexander credits amongst his many influences as a composer, Brahms, Scriabin, Poulenc, Debussy, and Chopin, influences you may pick up on while listening to the Zoom app live performance.

Margin Alexander has performed across the world, not only in notable New York metro venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Birdland Jazz Club but also across Europe in Italy, Macedonia and Albania. This world-hopping was no doubt aided by his fluency in English, Italian, Macedonian and Albanian, as well as his being conversant in Spanish and French. He has received numerous awards and commissions for his works, both as a performer and as a composer. Mr. Alexander currently resides in the greater New York City metropolitan area, where he works as a performer, composer, music director, and music educator throughout the New York and New Jersey region.

Margin Alexander’s “A Composer’s Evening” concert will be live-streamed Friday, October 2nd at 7 PM on Zoom, using the Zoom Meeting ID code 981 5975 8907. For more information on the composer, you can visit his website or check out his Facebook page at

For more information on this event, you can visit the Little Falls Public Library’s website or check out the Little Falls Public Library’s Facebook page at not only for information of this event but also for other future events like it. The Library appreciates the opportunity to share arts and culture with the world and hopes to see you online for the show!