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A new tenant who had just moved into an apartment on Ward Street had their car damaged by a hit-and-run accident on Sunday night. Police report that the incident happened between 8 pm and 6:30 am Monday morning and that there is light blue paint that was left behind.

Jacqueline Hayes is a single mother of two children, with a third on the way and she said, “I got my children ready to go to daycare so that I can go to work and I come out and find the whole side of my car totaled… no note, no explanation.”

She believes that the car that did this will be damaged on the driver’s side.

Hayes has started a gofundme campaign because “I really can’t be driving a car in this condition and I don’t have the funds to just fix it or trade it in, especially with another baby coming.”

Connie Jantz, who has met her a few times and requested that we write about this stated, “I felt so bad – she was trying to keep back the tears. One of the first few times I met her and was at the apartment when she was in the process of giving away her spare formula to someone in town – it’s such a rotten thing to do to someone so nice.”

If you would like to help, you can find her page here. Her goal is $2,000.