In response to COVID-19, community-based organizations around the country have developed many programs to provide a variety of ways to help older adults stay connected to others in their communities. Whether you move an exercise class online or creating new activities to build connections, local organizations in your community are likely offering new interactive options for activities that had taken place in person prior to COVID-19.

Below are some great suggestions on how to stay connected:

Reaching out to others – Send a letter to a friend or loved one to brighten their day. Or even make a phone call to share a recipe or talk about the latest TV show or movie you have watched.

Volunteering to help others – Another way to stay connected is by volunteering to share your skills with others. There are a variety of ways to do this virtually.

Honing your online capabilities – Many people are using online tools to connect with friends and family. If you need assistance with learning how to get started online, you can always visit There is a great article, “Stuck at Home Guide: How to Get Online” that explains getting online in-depth.

Being Creative – Engaging in art can be a great outlet for our brains and self-expression. There are a variety of online classes offered on the internet (singing, dance, drawing, etc).

Getting Physical – Staying active can boost endorphins and help eliminate the feelings of loneliness. Whether you take a walk, exercise on your own, or even get involved with an online exercise group, this can offer great benefits.

Fortunately, the Eldercare Locator, a public service of the U.S. Administration for Community Living, can connect older adults and caregivers across the country to organizations that offer a variety of activities to help older adults stay engaged and connected to their communities. Visit to learn more.

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