To say at the very least: we need her. Elise Stefanik has proudly represented New York’s 21st Congressional District and her profound leadership must continue. Stefanik has proven she is effective and assertive through her work with small businesses, her critique on the vaccine mandate extension, and her role of asserting new energy to the upstate region.

Stefanik has always been a proud advocate for Fort Drum, demonstrating her support and dedication to our military. Stefanik works to enhance the nation’s defense by delivering funds to the military base. This is pivotal for the security and protection of our homeland.

On May 13th, Stefanik made it clear the baby formula shortage should have never happened, especially in the United States of America. As a new mother herself, the Congresswoman can relate to and understand the harrowing panic. Not only that, Stefanik knows gas prices have soared and traveling far distances for formula is not ideal. She is demanding answers from the White House, as the Biden administration has no plan.

Stefanik’s “New Yorkers first” motto will definitely work to unify the region and bring home resources needed for jobs, manufacturing, and agriculture.