Photo by Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D.

September 11, 2001, will stay etched in all our minds
Waking up that morning to the horror that we find
Evil against America that day from across the sea
Allowing countries from afar to experience much glee!
Still, prayers arose throughout our land
And many joined hand in hand
Some were spared on that day
But the price was paid in such a brutal way!
Here we are nineteen years later
Still, our hearts know this memory matters
Take some time and pause for prayer
For those who still hurt and have pain to bear!
With COVID-19 the Coronavirus in our midst
09/11/01 should not be forgotten or missed
Most of us remember where we were
That memory planted in us for sure!
Evil may have its day
Yet evil will not be here to stay
For Jesus as LORD and KING will be
The ONE who comes in Victory!!

Dr. Wanda Faith Sewell, Th. D.