by Dave Warner

West Canada Valley ended up the winner in a hotly contested game on Wednesday night by beating the girl’s varsity basketball team 39-37.

Coach Pam Munger stated, “This is our beginning…to start, to grow because everybody pretty much is new except with a little bit of spice from Alexis, is what I’ll call it.”

She said the goal was never to give up, and she is excited about the rebound on the inside play that she got from the post players. “Just totally scrappy, and to have a coach come over and say, ‘wow, they just kept at it the entire game,’ is fantastic.”

“We know we’re going to battle. We know we’re young, but you know what, there’s no place but up, and I’m excited every day to be with this group,” she said.

Munger said she couldn’t wait for the next game to see what happens.