by Dave Warner

If you had a chance to vote on what a 670 square foot mural would look like on the north wall of Canal Side Inn, which one would you vote for? The original idea came about when David Casullo and Neil Rosenbaum, owners of the restaurant approached Elias Saifan, who has the Art Door Gallery just down from them.

According to Marica Bellico-Brodock with Rock City Development, “The idea is to make Canal Place more appealing but to also get feedback from people who live in town or are from Little Falls, but moved away and still care about Little Falls. It will help us decide which one would better represent Canal Place.”

Elias Saifan, who painted each of the sample murals says that Mural 1 is a style he calls Hyper-Hymn. “It’s kind of like a dance of inspiration. It’s a schematica of color, it’s very floaty and I’m working with curved lines. In comparison to Mural 2, which is more specifically geometric and has more depth of field to it. These abstract shapes are floating, but it has movement. It has more depth.”

“Mural 3, is in-between both. It has both a two and a three-dimensional feel to it. This was the original study for the mural. It’s like an urbanscape with the architectural lines as well,” he stated.

For those people who can’t come to the city but want to vote on the project, you can take the poll below. For those people who want to see the pieces in person, you can go to the Art Door Gallery in Canal Place and cast your vote. When you do, you will receive a coupon to get a free regular cup of coffee, hot or iced at the Cafe at Stone Mill, across the street.

Click on each image to see a larger version of it.

This poll is now closed. Click on the graphic below for the final results.

Here’s the video that kicked off the GoFundMe campaign to raise money to paint the mural.