I have nothing but the utmost respect for this young woman who has risen to where she is today through hard work and determination. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is right there at the forefront, working tirelessly to improve her constituents’ lives.

I have had personal experience with this as I’ve referred individuals to Elise for problems they struggled to solve themselves Elise has always quickly and effectively found solutions to their problems.

Elise is fighting hard for all of her constituents. She is delivering real results and actively giving money back to our communities. Elise delivered $4.1 million in projects for NY 21 for infrastructure, skills training, and economic development.
Over $5.5 million has been recovered for our veterans, and for our seniors, Elise delivered over $3 million in medicare and social funds. She also led nursing home oversight for full and complete data on Andrew Cuomo’s deadly order to send positive Covid patients to Nursing Homes.

There is not enough room in this letter to even scratch the surface of her long list of accomplishments and successes. I encourage you to research Elise Stefanik’s voting record for yourselves. You will discover you have been misled by the media when you see what she is truly about!

Elise has proven to be a successful leader for NY-21, and I believe she is the perfect candidate for Congress in our district. I cannot stress the importance of this upcoming election enough. I urge everyone to get involved and help her get re-elected. Get the word out and vote for Elise on November 8th!

Ava L. Ashendorff
Chestertown, NY