Photo by Dave Warner – Tiffany Rutkowski (left), Robert “Bobby” Paul, and Lia.

I think no matter who you are, we, as people, are drawn to winners, and we love seeing people win.

I had the privilege of sitting down to talk with Robert or “Bobby” Paul on our latest episode of Tiffany Talk to talk about his new book,“ Worry Free Life.” He is a local (fellow CNY-er) who has a story to tell.

Having cancer, fighting it, and now having a true purpose, we got a glimpse of the author behind the pages and were genuinely delighted by not only him but his daughter Lia, who made a special appearance.

As I noted a couple of times in the podcast – Bobby has a relatable personality; you can see it when you speak to him. So take a listen while you’re working, driving, or chilling this holiday season- then buy the book.

As Bobby is quick to point out, he didn’t do this for himself; he did it to help people. I think everyone can buy into that.

Merry Christmas! The Lord bless you this holiday season.