by Dave Warner

Kelly Myszkowski is working her business, Inner Light Transformational Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy, within a business, at the Inn at Stone Mill. And, she says her business is helping women understand the true source of their stress and pain (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual), to find out who they really are and what they really want, to create well-being for their body, mind, and spirit.

Myszkowski is from Central New York and has lived here her whole life, and has been in Little Falls since 1991. She has studied personal growth,  health, and wellness in many different ways for years.

She eventually became licensed in many of these things, and according to her, “I was always curious about the nature of who we are and what makes us tick. How everything is related, how everything unfolds, and how there is a natural order and process to life.”

How the body works, was something she was interested in and wanted to know how everything just fit together. “It was kind of spurred by my own life events and incurring my own physical health challenges that were seemingly at the time minor, but that weren’t improving with anything that was on the books that you were supposed to do.”

It started out with work-related discomfort in her hand and index finger that didn’t fit a medical diagnosis. “I was the ergonomic specialist in my department and was in the loss prevention field at that point working for commercial insurance companies and so I did all the ergonomic intervention that I could do, and it didn’t make any difference,” she stated.

She eventually received Craniosacral Therapy, which she had never heard of. “It was just a beautiful, beautiful way of helping our bodies and mind to relax so that the part of us that knows exactly the track that we’re supposed to be on and what we’re supposed to be can bloom and be on the path that we’re supposed to be on.”

“It’s a fancy way to say relaxation for your nervous system because your nervous system is the project manager. It takes what it knows is the blueprint for us and it takes feedback from our environment, which includes weather, food, relationships and all of the things that are around us, but it also includes our thoughts,” said Myszkowski.

She believes that we can self-correct and heal ourselves in many cases and this process helps in a very non-invasive way.

“That tension is a block in many cases.”

When she had received the therapy herself, she felt that not only was her body healing but that her life was changing as well, as if it was all one thing.

“It was kind of like an ice cube beginning to melt and turn into liquid water. It’s changing form, but it’s still the same thing. I reached a point in receiving that that I actually thought this is really neat – to be able to work with somebody like this and actually not just help them relax, which has its benefits, but to be able to get to what is at the root of it,” she said.

Although she saw the benefits of what was being done to her, at the time, she really didn’t think it was something she wanted to do.

However, “my corporate job started to melt away, and I knew it was time for something else,” she stated.

She kept thinking that she needed a job first to be able to pay for the training, but in the end decided to just take what she had learned, to relax, and to let it happen.

“I didn’t have anyone coaching me or mentoring me through that process, so it took me a little longer than perhaps it would have, which was my schooling, or my life workshop,” Myskowski said.

“When I finally said, I’m going to do this and made the commitment to go to massage school to get my license, things started to work out.”

She went on to get her license to be able to coach and help other people with their own issues as well. With that, she was able to help people who didn’t like the touch work, weren’t able to come in or were further away. She was now able to help them by coaching over the phone.

Myskowski was originally on Jackson St when she started her business, then she found a space on Main St, and has finally settled on space inside the Inn at Stone. “Now I have more of a retreat-like environment and I can do intensive sessions with people one on one.”

Everything that she does is a holistic approach that includes mind and body. “I’m always touching them with my heart, whether I’m touching them with my hands or not,” she says of her clients.

She also believes that the business is finally growing into the vision that she has for it. “People are learning and understanding that everything has its place, including medicine. But many times, they’re treating the symptoms, instead of the root cause. When you’re experiencing discomfort, something is off in your life and the way you’re thinking about it is going to create a response in your body.”

“It’s the choices you make, the food you eat, the people you hang out with, how you have your relationships, the things that you tolerate, they all have an impact on your body that we ultimately call stress,” she said.

In her mind, it could show up as anything from Parkinson’s, to cancer, to a broken bone. “Treating those things without getting to the underlying patterns is a problem.”

She wants people to address the whispers that they hear before the symptoms of a problem grow so large that they become serious problems.

How did she end up at Stone Mill? “I was wondering what was next for me…where is my perfect space and someone happened to mention to me all the things that are going on here and I talked with them and we decided this was a good fit. It works well for both of us.”

She believes that she can help bring more attention to the Stone Mill and what is going on there. “We have the beautiful Mohawk Valley, we’re on the water, you’re in the foothills of the Adirondacks, we’ve got four seasons. There is something to do so that you’re not completely bored, but it’s quiet enough that if you come and need to be in a space where you can unplug, there is a way to do that here.”

Her goal at this point in time is to have select clients who are a perfect fit for her, and she is a perfect fit for them. “Some clients come in for massage therapy, but some want coaching as well.”

Myskowski has half-day, full-day, and is even planning workshops as well. “Eventually I’d like to have retreats that are two or three days long,” she said.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit