By Dave Warner

The Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts held its opening for the Youth Art Month show on Wednesday night, which will continue through February 23rd at the Center.

Kara Milianta, one of the art teachers from Little Falls, said, “Tonight’s show is about a celebration of the art teachers that are in Herkimer County and the artists that they have selected to represent their individual school. The title of the show is called ‘Reflections.'”

The show was open to all Herkimer County Schools and teachers and changes every year. “We select works that represent our students. It’s a great opportunity for the children to come in with their families and be proud of something and take pride in all of the work that they have done.”

She said that it’s good to get children involved in art early in life because as they grow older, they start to doubt whether they are good enough or not to show. “This is a great opportunity to see all of the artwork that is being done throughout the Valley. It’s all very different and unique.”

Milianta continued, “It’s great to see everyone come together, to see their work and such a nice way to bring the community together, especially the different schools. It’s just a good, positive event.”