Mitch Pezdek Jr., the golf pro with the basketball, started his week-long golf clinic for young people. He accepts students at all levels and breaks them down into the appropriate groups when they start, based on skill.

“Two kids are returnees from last years clinic,” said Pezdek. “I’ve given lessons throughout the area, but this is the second year in a row I’ve given them in Little Falls.”

Two years ago, Pezdek was the pro in Clinton at the Heron Golf Course. At the end of the season, he said that he didn’t want to be tied down in one place. So on a friendly basis, he started giving lessons at different locations.

“Danny and I were talking and there used to be a youth golf clinic in Little Falls – it’s been here before, and this is reviving it,” he said. “I love giving kids lessons – I make it as easy and simple as possible and I make it fun,” stated Pezdek.

The clinic is free and runs through Friday. For information on future clinics and lessons, contact Mitch Pezdek at 315-868-2373, or via email at