by Katie M. Drake

Every year for the last 12 years on the day after Thanksgiving, the awesome folks of Little Falls have gathered together to raise a glass for a great cause, the Little Falls Pub Crawl.

This is a wonderful city full of gracious and generous people, and I am always awed by the depth of your generosity.  Many people think of Little Falls as a scene out of a Hallmark movie.  In fact, our friends Angie and Mike moved here from Las Vegas, NV to because of that, and in so many ways, Little Falls is exactly that.

While many of us are blessed to be living comfortably, there are many people in our community struggling.  It wasn’t until I spent the last couple of years delivering meals for our food pantry, I discovered how well this city hides those not as fortunate.

In our small way, the Little Falls Pub Crawl helps.  A pin is designed and sold every year for $5.00 and 100% of the proceeds are donated.  Over the last 12 years, the sales from those pins have collectively raised $11,000 to buy coats and boots for children who need them.  That money is earmarked to stay right here in Little Falls.  The Herkimer County Hunger Coalition now manages the Gram Lorraine Children’s fund, and we’re so grateful for all the wonderful work they do throughout the Mohawk Valley.

Last year, I chose to not hold the Pub Crawl because of the pandemic.   We designed and sold the pins and still raised over a lot of money!

This year, we are SO excited to be back on Friday, November 26th starting at 3pm! (I had to resist the urge to add 5 exclamation points at the end of that statement).  Last year, Mike George and his team at Iron Rock Brewery sold $500 worth of pins, so we’re really excited to have Iron Rock as the first stop on the crawl this year.  Also, now that the Renaissance is back open, they are one of the stops this year as well, making 9 stops.

Since we have 9 stops, that’s a very long day/night.  Please, please, please help me to continue the tradition of making this a fun and safe event- by being responsible.  Please secure yourself and your entourage a designated driver.  We have a great record of hosting a safe, and responsible event, but I need your help to ensure that continues.

Here’s the Little Falls 2021 Pub Crawl lineup for this year:

3pm-4pm            Ironrock Brewery

4pm-5pm            RD’s Gorge View Lanes

5pm-6pm            American Legion

6pm-7pm            Polish Community Home

7pm-8pm            Ed & Buds

8pm-9pm            Elks Lodge (Special “Pub Crawler” MENU Available)

9pm-10pm           Renaissance Pub

10pm-11pm           Ruggiero’s Trattoria

11pm-12am           Happen Inn

So come one, come all let’s walk off your turkey day feast and come hoot and holler for a great cause!  Bring a friend, or bring 10!  The more the merrier.  Join us for one stop, or as many as you like.  Just make sure you are respectful and have a sober ride home.  I look forward to seeing you.

And if you want, support the cause and buy a pin for $5.00 from your favorite establishment to donate to the Herkimer Hunger Coalition’s Gram Lorraine Children’s Fund!

Most people know the story of how the Little Falls Pub Crawl started… if you don’t well… ask me the next time you see me, and I’ll be happy to share it with you!

View Pub Crawl flyer:

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