Mayor Mark Blask looks on as a vote is held on one of Tuesday night’s resolutions.

By Dave Warner

The Little Falls Common Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night with only four resolutions on the agenda.

After approving last month’s minutes, bills, and monthly reports, the Council approved Resolution No. 11, a contract between the City of Little Falls and The Little Falls Paid Firefighters, which would run from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2025.

Mayor Mark Blask said, “We met a handful of times, and it was productive each time.”

A roll call vote was held, and the resolution passed with one abstention.

Resolution No. 12 was a contract with the City of Little Falls Supervisors Group that would run from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2026. The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 13 stated, “The idea of a ‘pedestrian bridge’ running from the City’s Southside to a more central location in the City of Little Falls has been raised; and Whereas such a bridge would be costly and not likely feasible without significant grand funding; and Whereas, before such a project could be considered by the Council it is necessary to see if grants for such a project are available,” it is resolved that the City Engineer is authorized to research if any grants exist that the City of Little Falls would be eligible to apply for.

Blask stated, “This is Dan’s (Carter’s) ward, and he is certainly interested in this.”

Carter stated, “This would be a good first step to becoming a walkable community. That will get people off of Route 167. I’m sure that there are other people in the community that are looking forward to this.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 14 was to appoint Melanie Pagan to the Zoning Board of Appeals with a term to expire 02/2026.

Blask stated, “We had a vacancy there. She was on the local planning committee for the DRI. This is an ad-hoc committee. They don’t meet regularly, just when an issue comes up that they need to act on.”

The resolution passed unanimously.

In the Mayor’s comments, he spoke about how everyone had been excited about getting the skating rink going. “We’re not going to do it this year. The weather has been so bad. It is soft and mushy. It was freezing last week, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Hopefully, next year we’ll be back.”

He also thanked the finance committee for their work on the contracts and said they’ll be switching gears next Monday to work on the budget.