By Dave Warner

It might have been the 4th of July in Little Falls, but Cruise Inn by Mike took advantage of the good weather and calm seas at the harbor to hold their fifth event of the year.

Mike Bulger, who is the ‘Mike’ in Cruise Inn, stated, “It’s been going great so far. This is our fifth show – we got rained out twice, so we got three in, and they’ve been really good. We’ve filled both parks. Tonight’s a little lite, and it’s a little overcast, but with the 4th, we knew it wouldn’t be a really heavy night.”

“We’re having a good time; we’re selling tacos, hamburgers, and hot dogs, everybody’s chatting, and I’ve got a few prizes to hand out,” he said.

Bulger was able to secure a commemorative American Flag for everyone who attended, but he said, “If you’ve got no use for that flag, go to the cemetery and find a broken one and replace it.”

They have the Happy Haggs and Bar Room Neon Project coming up. “This weekend, we’re meeting at the Herkimer Walmart to do the March of Dimes benefit.”

“The car show is doing well. We’re hoping to get fireworks for the finale. I’m still at the begging stage, but I think it looks good. Life looks good with Cruise Inn by Mike,” Bulger laughed and said.