Many people enjoy donating money to charity, especially after a disaster or during the holiday season.  When donating to charities, it is important to make sure the charity you are donating to is legitimate.  Here are some tips to ensure you are donating to a reputable charity:

•Check with the charity to make sure they have authorized the individual/group to collect donations on their behalf.

•Avoid donating cash (if possible).  If you do write a check, make sure it is made out directly to the charity and not the individual person collecting.

•Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Get the name and contact information for the charity and check them out beforehand.  

•Never provide personal information such as Social Security number or Driver’s License number when making a donation.

•Do not feel pressured to donate.  It may be helpful to decide what charities you would like to donate to in advance and stick with it.

Always remember to get a receipt that includes the name of the charity and the amount of the donation for your records.  

This information was provided by the Department of Finance Services at  Please contact Herkimer County Office for the Aging or NY connects for more information at 315-867-1124 or go to Departments then Office for the Aging.