By Dave Warner

The Mohawk Valley Garlic & Herb Festival held its 20th outing and, by any measure, broke attendance and satisfaction records with more than 5,000 people visiting. The weather was perfect, with clouds that kept the heat at bay. More vendors were involved than ever before, and expanding the area to the west to include Rock Valley Brewing Company gave everyone plenty of room to spread out.

The parking was also a hit, with numerous areas designated throughout the City and a robust shuttle service that kept things moving. Everyone just seemed to be in a good mood, looking for something interesting to go to.

One of the founders, Julie Webster, stated, “Our festival organizers are often asked why we work so hard as volunteers to bring Little Falls a one-day festival. Here is a sample of how we usually answer:

Every one of us is community-minded, and we want to showcase our local farmers and food producers. Just as importantly, we want to showcase Little Falls. We are delighted to report that more than 5,000 people came from all over New York and beyond–at least we heard of Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. One couple told an organizer they had already scrolled through their phones, looking at houses for sale in Little Falls.”

“After 20 years of throwing this incredible party, the economic impact it creates for our vendors and the small City of Little Falls still excites us. Even though it may seem quiet on Main Street on the day of the festival, our volunteers are often asked, “What else is there to do in Little Falls?” We always mention our natural resources, amazing architecture, the other fantastic businesses in the area, and the Little Falls Cheese Festival held on Main Street, which is coming soon. Our website and social media also highlight what Little Falls has to offer,” she said.

“We can enlist the help of and, in turn, allow local nonprofits to make some money and recognition for their organization during our event. Our long-standing non-profit policy allows the non-profit to “add to the festival” with an activity. Because we are a carefully curated agricultural festival, we ask that non-profits apply just like our other vendors. (Applications online at in January 2024.)”

“This year was the best-attended festival, allowing us to have a stinkin’ good 2024 festival and to give ⅓ of your donations to Mohawk Valley Center of the Arts–our biggest donation in 20 years,” Webster stated.