Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today delivered his 2021 State of the State address. The Governor’s 2021 agenda – Reimagine | Rebuild | Renew – features nation-leading proposals to not only defeat COVID-19 but also tackle critical issues facing New York and the country, including jumpstarting New York’s economic recovery; creating a fairer, more just state; reopening the state; becoming a leader in the growing green energy economy, and rebuilding and strengthening New York’s infrastructure. To defeat COVID-19, address New York’s short-term economic issues, and ensure social and racial justice, the Governor has put forth a number of proposals focused on reimagining our health care and housing systems; finding new sources of revenue through the legalization of adult-use cannabis and online sports betting; continuing the fight for well-deserved federal recovery funding, and creating fairer and more just criminal justice and election systems.

Proposals focused on reopening the state, becoming a leader in the growing green energy economy, and rebuilding and strengthening New York’s infrastructure will be announced in the coming days.

“Do you remember last spring?“, Governor Cuomo said. “Do you remember what New Yorkers did in their darkest hour? I will never forget it. When COVID ambushed New York and we went from one case to hundreds of cases in a matter of days. When sirens filled the night, stillness and mass graves were dug on Hart Island. When fear gripped New Yorkers like a vise. When global experts told us there was no way we could slow the spread. But New Yorkers said yes we could and yes we would. New Yorkers united and rose to the occasion. That is New York at her best – that is the New York miracle.

Time and again we have heard the voices of doubt and defeat. The state can’t do a budget on time. We can’t enact common-sense gun safety, we can’t pass marriage equality, we can’t raise the minimum wage, we can’t fix subway tunnels, we can’t build a new Tappan Zee Bridge, we can’t turn around the Buffalo economy, we can’t end the AIDS epidemic, we can’t provide free college tuition for the middle class, we can’t construct a new Penn train hall. But they were wrong. We did.

We can’t – only if we believe we can’t.

That is what we mean when we say New York tough.”

Governor Cuomo continued, “There are moments in life that can change a person fundamentally – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Likewise, there are episodes in history that transform society and COVID is one of those moments. We see the risk and peril, but we also see the promise and potential of this moment. This next year we will see economies realign and reset around the world and New York will lead the way. In a moment when nagging insecurity can either limit your potential or give way to the energy of urgency, necessity, and innovation, we know the direction we are headed – it is our state motto, Excelsior- ever upwards.”

Highlights of the plan are in the PDF below.