Photo submitted – From left to right in the top row- Hannah McDavid, Kaytee Grabinski, Carli Grabinski, Lily Hall, Josephine Berg, Jasmine Hayes. Front Row from left to right- Rebecca Hauser, Autumn Izzo, Kylie Dodge, Ryleigh Perkov, Paytin Synakowski, Kaylin Rockwell. Not pictured, Avery Guido, and Caroline Nicolette.

by Dave Warner

Students at Just Dance Studio in Canal Place are putting in the extra hours to get ready for their recital, which will be held on June 13th on Hillcrest Lane.

Last year, the girls did not get a chance to have a show because of COVID, and Owner and Founder Alicia Dodge said, “This one’s extra special. We’re inviting some of the Seniors from last year back so that they can dance with us in the finale.”

She says that even though they had to split it up into three shows, some of the Seniors from last year will be doing their solo dances as well.

“We’re going to have it outdoors. We rented tents, seating, and the dance floor. The whole nine yards. It’s a big production to put on, but it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Dodge said that all the girls are excited that they’re able to do something different and to provide guests and their families with a very unique experience.

She said, “I think it’s going to be beautiful because our theme is Over the Rainbow so it’s kind of like a new beginning. We’re hoping that it’s an even bigger celebration to kind of tie off the end of a hard year.”

The kids have been working hard all year and wearing masks while dancing has been another challenge they’ve had to deal with, as well as social distancing.

“We are able to have some contact now, but it can’t be but for a certain amount of time, so we have had to modify the dancing. It’s been a challenge, but we’re just excited that we actually get to have a recital,” stated Dodge.

She’s hoping that everyone is really going to enjoy it, because the girls really didn’t get to have a season last year, only being involved in one competition event.

“They only got to do a few dances in that, not all of them, so our Seniors didn’t get their full-on competition season. This year they actually won a championship – SDA Champion – and they worked hard to get to that point. It included Zoom classes at the end of last season and they had to keep up with their training,” she said.

Dodge said that this season, “They have persevered and pushed through. I’ve very proud of them, but it’s going to be an emotional recital because we’re losing a lot of Seniors.”