Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce its newest art exhibition, Landscapes of the Soul, by local artist Jay Loucks, in the library’s Community Room art gallery space. This show will run from now until December 31st, free and open to the public during the library’s regular operating hours. Contact information for the artist to purchase some of the works on display will be available at the exhibition. In addition, there will be an opening reception for our newest show on Saturday, October 14th, 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM, similarly in the library’s Community Room, which is a handicapped-accessible facility, and it will also be open to the general public at large.

Jay Loucks grew up in nearby Dolgeville, New York, and spent several years living in Montana and Kentucky, where his interest in painting began. In 2023, after watching Bob Ross paint, Jay was convinced that he, too, could do that! Immediately, he went out and bought supplies, soon finding that painting was indeed challenging, but he was not to be discouraged. He discovered Joshua Kirkham’s tutorials on YouTube and began painting with oils using the ‘wet on wet’ technique. Landscapes are his personal favorite, and he paints impressionistically, keeping in mind the surreal quality of nature. Jay acknowledges, “I don’t paint in little details. I let them ‘fall out’ of the brush.”

Modeling after Ross, painting has helped Jay relax and ease his mind, bringing him the most beautiful peace he’s experienced so far. Currently, Mr. Loucks is participating in the mentoring program at MVCA. Bob Buck, a well-known regional photographer, mentors Jay and provides insight into the techniques shared by photography and painting. He is also helping Jay navigate the gallery and exhibition world for greater exposure.

For more information on this and other upcoming library events, you can visit the Little Falls Public Library’s website at, check out the library’s Facebook homepage at, on the Little Falls Public Library Instagram page or or you can contact us by telephone at 315-823-1542. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates the opportunity to share local artists with the community!