Photo submitted – Austin Green sits in his parent’s house in Little Falls, working on a project while he waits for the opportunity to head back to work in Manhattan.

by Dave Warner

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his daughter Mariah came up with a contest for New York Residents, where they would submit a 30-second ad on why wearing face masks is important, as his daughter felt like he had not been communicating it properly.

“Maybe there’s a better way to communicate it than I have been communicating it,” Gov. Cuomo said. “We’re talking about that one percent, so maybe I just haven’t been persuasive or affective enough in my communication skills.”

So, the Governor assigned Maria as an unofficial adviser with the New York State Department of Health to hold a video commercial contest, and he said, “Pick the five best, put them online, let New Yorkers pick the best ad. The state will run that ad, they’ll say on the bottom, produced by whoever won the competition.”

Former Little Falls High School student, Austin Green felt that he was up to the challenge, and headed down to Canal Place to film his submission.

Green graduated from LFHS in 2016, and then when to Herkimer College, where he got an associate’s degree in digital filmmaking. He then transferred to Plattsburgh where he got his bachelor’s degree in TV/Video production.

While there, he created a five series spoof of the Bob Ross painting classes, that are available on his YouTube channel.

“When I was growing up, I used to draw comics all the time, and then that switched to stop motion when I was 11 or 12 because I used to play with Legos all the time,” stated Austin.

He said that he had made about 50 videos before his app updated and deleted all of his work. “That dissuaded me from that career path,” so he started creating little skits with his friends.

“I was mainly focused on behind-the-camera stuff and writing. In my senior year in high school, I did my first play, which was Little Shop of Horrors. That was my first introduction to acting and I thought, oh wow, this might be an option as well,” he stated.

Green gives credit to his mom, for seeing the competition for the COVID-19 Commercial that he did. “She said it would be a good to idea to catch the mask, like Thor catching his hammer, and she got that idea from my painting class videos where at the end, there is this fight scene. At one point, I catch a Samauri sword.”


He thought it was a great idea, and put the video (above) together.

Assisting Green in making the video were his other two actors Joseph Mihevc, and Samantha Ackerman, and his cameraman was Ethan Scaparo, all from Little Falls.

Green said that the response to the video has been pretty good on Facebook so far with over 900 views, 100 shares, and 70 likes. “I’ve put it on Instagram and Twitter and on my YouTube Channel as well.”

He is waiting for the pandemic to end so that he can head back to Manhattan to continue working on production and acting work. “Obviously, when this thing hit, there were no production jobs, so I had to move back up here and I’m trying to keep my creative gears turning. I’m doing what I can, writing scripts, making little videos like these, and just waiting it out.”

When he goes back, he intends to do production work behind the camera, but his main goal is acting and directing, with his sights set on a role model like Taika Waititi, who directed Thor Ragnorok.

“That’s the goal for me. I will probably have to eventually go to LA, but that’s probably not until I’m more grounded as an actor,” stated Green.

If you’d like to create your own video for the competition, it should be less than 30 seconds long, should show a mask properly worn over the mouth and nose and must be submitted by May 30. You can learn more at