Photo by Dave Warner – An aerial view of the 2019 Mohawk Valley Garlic & Herb Festival.

“We are extremely sad to announce that we have canceled the 2020 Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival. There is simply too much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the possible continuation of its spread, and our current location does not allow for compliance with NYS social distancing regulations.”

“The liability to our committee, our vendors, and the City of Little Falls could potentially close down future festivals, therefore we are protecting that by not drawing a crowd of thousands to our event this year.”

According to the co-chair of the event Gail Rochette, “We considered having fewer vendors, but the culling process seemed nearly impossible. Our vendors have been expecting the announcement because many large events are being canceled. Reports from vendors are that they have seen an upsurge in sales because consumers want locally grown food products and meats.”

“We are working with the Mayor on planning a garlic market featuring growers only. It would be during harvest time and follow all regulations from NYS for farmers’ markets. We will invite growers to apply if we can make that happen.” said Rochette.

They are launching a new website and working with other websites to attempt to promote their vendors. Please update them with your online information if they do not already have it or if it changes. Tag them on Instagram and Facebook and they will share your info whenever possible throughout this next year.

The group is also working on returning un-deposited checks, issuing refunds, and updating vendor website information and they are asking for patience, as all of that should be done in the next few weeks.

Rochette stated, “our festival next year’s festival will be our 20th anniversary and also the 20th anniversary of 9-11. We will add a commemorative aspect to the festival to show our respect to those who lost their lives. It will be our best festival yet.”

The group stated that they will do their best to spread out more, and may be very selective in the number and type of vendors and will have a health and safety plan in place.