by Dave Warner

The Little Falls Mounties put on a dominating performance Friday night on both offense and defence  against the Sandy Creek Comets in a Section III Class C game, winning 71-27.

According to coach Pam Munger “It was great fire coming out in the first half and I was happy to see what my other kids did too. The good part is they went out on the floor and they went out confident and they did some good things.”

“It’s one game at a time and you have to battle every single game and you have to be prepared every single game,” said the Coach.

When asked if there was any chance that the girls could get complacent with such an overwhelming victory the Coach stated “No. They understand there’s no room for that and I attribute that to the fact that we have four seniors on the team who understand that. They put time in in the off-season and they understand competition level play and that it gets harder down the road.”

“A good chunk of my kids are soccer players and they know that it gets harder and harder. I’m thankful for what they have learned across the board in all athletics. You love that because you appreciate their intensity,” said the Coach.

Olivia Langdon had 17 points, Alexis Perrone had 15, and Olivia Lindsay had 11. The next playoff game is scheduled for February 19th at home against Thousand Island at 7 pm.

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