by Dave Warner

The Little Falls boys varsity football team held off Clinton for a 21-13 victory in Saturday’s contest at the high school.

Coach Bryan Shepardson said, “The kids are playing hard. We played really hard last week and fell just a little bit short, but today, to be able to come back after a tough loss against a really good team – I’m really happy.”

The Coach went on to say that there were a few mistakes here and there, but “We have to give Clinton credit. They battled the whole game and we couldn’t put them away, so they forced us to play the whole game. Fortunately, we were able to hold on there at the end.”

The team plays an away game on Thursday at Adirondack. “It’s the unveiling of their new field, that’s why we’re playing up there. It looks pretty legit. It will be a short turnaround, but there’s going to be a lot of hype up there and it will be good for the kids.”

They’re going to try and improve on some of the things noted in this game and “try to get two in a row,” said the Coach.

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