Work continues on The Pavilion at Paradise Gardens, Gatherings & Gifts in expectation of all of the events that will be booked for 2023.

by Dave Warner

A new event venue is poised to open in 2023 at Paradise Gardens, Gatherings & Gifts at 475 Dise Road in Little Falls. If you haven’t had a chance to go by there, then you missed our previous article about them, but this is one cool place, and they’re expanding.

Helen and Bob Kimbro have been pretty busy since we wrote about them almost exactly a year ago, grading land and building the facility that will be called The Pavilion at Paradise Gardens, Gatherings & Gifts.

In fact, they realize that people are booking events now for next year, so they’ve scheduled an open house for Saturday, October 8th, from 12 to 2 to showcase the venue. BUG Country Radio will be there to play some Country tunes, and there will be refreshments, tours, and plenty to see.

Bob said, “We already had everything for an event center. We’d purchased it for our son’s wedding. We had china, crystal, silverware, tablecloths, tables, decorations, and everything. We had our heart set on having an event center somewhere, so we decided we can’t have it in the loft, so we’ll just build something.”

He said that he worked with Melvin King Builders on the design. “I sat down with Melvin, and we came up with a design structure. I had some things in mind. We wanted it to be an open center without support posts so that you wouldn’t have obstructed views.”

“We started it last fall, and they got their part done pretty quickly, then we rushed to get the concrete poured before it started snowing. We’ve been working on it all summer, trying to get it finished. It’s getting close, but they’ll be some things we’ll do next spring before we actually have events,” he stated.

Helen said, “We worked really hard to get the land manicured. Bulldozer work, cutting the creek line, and a bunch of brush removal.”

They also have created a nice outdoor area, where if a bride wanted to get married under an arbor, they’d be able to do so.

The couple expects to be able to handle up to 150 people for an event. “We’re looking at having events from mid-May until mid-October,” Bob said.

“It has magnificent views of the Mohawk Valley. Every direction you look, it’s a pretty view.”

They said they’re planning on having the whole facility open for an event. “If they’re here for four hours and the kids are getting antsy, bring them down to see the animals, or bring them up to the loft,” Bob stated. “We want people to enjoy the whole place so they’re not just stuck at an event space wondering about what else they can do.”

Helen said that one of the reasons they got the alpacas is because they’re so friendly. “Two-year-olds can walk up to them. They don’t have a mean bone in their body.”

The facility is a 5,000-square-foot open-air building with a bridal suite and a groom’s suite. They were going to put large crystal chandeliers up there, but they found out it was too windy and replaced them with iron ones. “The iron chandeliers blend in a lot better with the decor up there,” stated Bob.

They have a  large fountain and will be building a fire feature as well, with a patio, whiskey barrel tables, and more. Pictures from their open house on October 8, 2022 have been added to the gallery (below).

If you’d like to find out more or book an event, you can call 315-364-1234 or visit their website at