Photos and story by Carol Vogel

There’s a brand new, shiny laundromat located on 1 Gibson Street in Dolgeville. John Perkins is the owner of the Dolgeville Laundromat, and along with his business partner, Sam Licari, they are excited to be open and operating in town.

John grew up in Dolgeville. He still owns the family farm and also owns a construction company in Connecticut, where he works part of the week. John is invested in his hometown of Dolgeville. Five years ago, he purchased the car wash on Main Street and updated it.

The laundromat seemed like another great service the community needed. “We’ve been here in this community my whole life, and I thought maybe doing a brand new laundromat would be nice.”

He chose to renovate a space located on Gibson Street, which used to be a laundromat many years ago. It seemed like the perfect spot. John says, “It took about six months to get the space renovated and to order the equipment and machines” used in the laundromat. Leasing the space and working with the owner of the building has been great, and he is happy to be able to offer a clean and safe laundry environment for the community.

With large windows, the space is well-lit, making it instantly inviting and comfortable. Filled with new state-of-the-art machines and accessorized with a folding counter and carts, it is clean and modern. There is also a television, seating, and vending machines to pass the time while you wait for your laundry cycle. The space also includes a clean and tidy restroom.

The laundromat offers eight washers (6 front loading; 2 top loading) and ten dryers. The self-serve washer and dryer machines are coin-operated, and there is, of course, a change machine handy.

John offers a laundry service as well, and a sign-up sheet for the wash, dry, and fold service is available in the laundromat for anyone interested. He is hoping as more people hear about the service that, it will be as popular as it is in neighboring communities. “The laundromat in Little Falls offers this, and they do very well,” John adds.

Recently opened, John is optimistic that having a new laundromat in town will be useful to the community and will be a big hit now that it is open. The comments online from the community are filled with excitement and thankfulness that there is a beautiful new laundromat in town. John says that if the business does well, he may think about expanding in the future.

The Dolgeville Laundromat is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm. You can find them on Facebook for more information and updates: