Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C-Glenville)

“The news today by the U.S. Census Bureau that New York State will lose another congressional seat in the next redistricting is an indictment that the Empire State is fast becoming the ‘Empty State’ with further population loss.”

“New York leads the nation in outmigration of residents with 126,000 people leaving last year and over one million in the past decade and the state is ranked 50th in the nation for Tax Freedom Day when residents symbolically pay off all of their federal, state, and local tax obligations and start keeping the money they earn.”

“The millions who have fled our state and those who are now contemplating their exodus to a more taxpayer-friendly state have one thing in common: No one wants to be the last one left to pay for our state’s overzealous taxes, regulations, mandates, and laws. Sadly, the short-term and long-term effects of this year’s state budget will just send more taxpaying residents and businesses heading for the doors.”

“This news should be a wake-up call to the need for fiscal sobriety in Albany. We need to examine and then change our state’s agenda to stop the escape from New York and turn our economy around or we will continue to hemorrhage residents and lose clout.”