by Dave Warner

The inaugural Green is White Snowshoe Race was run Saturday morning at the Little Falls Municipal Golf Course. “A little play on the fact that it’s on a golf course,” said organizer Rob Richard. “All the greens are covered with snow.”

Race time temperatures weren’t too bad; 25 degrees with a strong wind out of the west and blowing snow. However, the previous days rain and then freeze Friday night, put a coating of ice on the snow, which was then covered up by a Saturday morning inch of snow.

Twenty four runners braved the conditions and the course to run either a 5K, 10K, or 15K snowshoe race. “There’s just one loop, so that’s the 5K. If you’re doing the 10K, you do it twice and three times for the 15K,” said Richard.

According to him, snowshoe racing is a bit of a niche sport in the running world. “Some people don’t like to run in the winter, some don’t like to run off-road in the winter and even fewer people like to run in snow shoes. So, I’m really happy with the number of people who turned out.”

Richard said that the race couldn’t have been done without the support of several people or groups. “The City of Little Falls opened up the club house and turned on the heat and water. In this kind of weather, it’s really important that runners have a place to get warm and stay warm.”

The YMCA provided insurance coverage for the event, the Copper Moose sponsored the t-shirts and Stewarts provided the coffee. “All to make this a successful day,” said Richard.

“Hopefully, the race continues to grow. I wasn’t sure how this year would go and I was hoping that we’d get at least twenty people, so we kind of met my expectations for this year. I’ve been to snowshoe races that have had eight people, and others that have had one hundred people, so you never know,” he said.

Richard would like to see the event grow next year and add some additional things like raffles, trophies and the like. “This is encouraging and and I hope people will tell their friends about it and that they’ll come back to this annual event,” Richard stated.

  • Michael Farber of Little Falls won the 15k.
  • Tony Zalocha of Utica won the 5k
  • Paul Cirrillo of Mohawk won the 10k

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