by Dave Warner

Think Local Little Falls is gearing up for a busy October, helping out the local bowling alley, and getting the community excited about Halloween. The campaign to help the bowling alley is similar to the one that they did to help Valley Cinema with the Rock City Reels Outdoor Movie theater that was set up at Veterans Memorial Park.

This time, it’s everything from No-Tap Bowling to Raffles and special pricing for bowling with the first 250 kids 12 & under getting to bowl their first game for free.

According to Elaine Cobb with Think Local, “Bowling is occurring during the whole month of October. We have two different segments. One is a No-Tap bowling tournament, which means if you bowl a nine, it means a strike. The averages will be handicapped which will put everyone on the same level playing ground.”

She said that you can bowl on any Tuesday or Thursday from 4-8, or from noon until 5 pm on Saturday. Two special bowling days will be October 3rd and 17th, where you can bowl from noon until 8 pm.

“There will be cash prizes for the Men’s, Women’s, & Teens divisions, with the men & women getting $300 for 1st place, $200 for 2nd and $100 for first. The Teens division will get a $60 gift card for 1st, $45 for 2nd, and a $30 one for third prize,” she said.

Cobb said that the whole idea is to help the bowling alley make it through the COVID restrictions. “We want to help them survive during this time.”

The bowling alley has gone through the required modifications, putting up plastic between the lanes and enforcing social distancing guidelines. “You can only bowl in every other lane,” she stated.

“We also have raffles going on during this time. The larger raffle items include ‘Jackel Flush’ bowling balls, a foursome of golf with carts at Little Falls Municipal Golf Course, a three-month membership to the YMCA, and much more,” stated Cobb. “Various merchants have also contributed prizes.”

Cobb said that there is also family bingo bowling going on outside of the tournaments that have been mentioned. “If you or your friends and family just want to go and bowl for fun, we have that as well.”

Bingo prizes include Stewarts, McDonald’s, the Cafe at Stone Mill, or you can win another game of bowling. “We hope that everyone will go, even if you are not a regular bowler to have some fun and get some physical exercise, and to support the bowling alley,” she stated.

While the bowling is going on during the month, Think Local Little Falls is working on Octoberfest as well with merchant specials between October 15-17th, and a photo booth from noon until 3 pm at M&T Bank on the 31st.

“We have quite a few merchant specials going on, and on our poster, you can use the QR Code to find out what those are. Some of our merchants are running their specials for the entire month. There’s a lot of good food, Alpaca socks, and other things,” said Cobb.

The home decorating goes on for the entire month, and Cobb says, “We’ll have awards for Most Creative, Community Favorite, and the most Festive Neighborhood.”

“There will be a video of some of the homes and people at the photo booth which will be created for the kids and families to enjoy,” she stated.

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