by Dave Warner

The weather ended up not being much of a factor in Saturday’s 18th Annual Mohawk Valley Garlic & Herb Festival, as it ended early and didn’t show up again until the festival was over.

Gail Rochette, Festival Director said, “It went remarkably well. We’ve never had so many volunteers, so that part of it – getting it up and down was awesome. We had 3,300 people, which was exactly the same as last year. We thought it was more.”

She felt like the parking was bananas, so they really thought that there were more people than that. They are also going to make a few changes when it comes to the shuttle service and where people will be picked up next year. “People were even parking on the southside and walking across the bridge. It was crazy,” she said.

The farthest person that they know of that came to the festival was from Canada. “We got a lot from Albany and we did NPR this year out of Syracuse, so there were some from as far west as Rochester, despite the weather and some other major festivals that were going on,” said Rochette.

A lot of people were even looking for the festival to be two days in length, as they were still coming into her shop on Sunday and asking about it.

Almost 100 vendors participated in the festival and a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts and Think Local Little Falls. For more information visit

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