by Dave Warner

The girls varsity basketball team defeated the Oriskany Redskins in a 49-27 crossover win on Thursday night.

According to Coach Pam Munger “I really think we are capable of playing better than we did tonight. I felt like when we played our game in Waterville, we were patient, we looked, and the last couple of games we’re not clicking, we’re not looking. Better for us to fix it now as we get going but we have to fix it big time because we have a tournament this weekend with Notre Dame and that will be tough, because we’re looking at playing two B schools.”

“Missed shots tonight, and miscues where we weren’t where we were supposed to be…not holding spots like they should in that open space that is available. Hopefully, we’ll go back to the drawing board tomorrow (today) and put more emphasis on what I would like to see and maybe we’ll see something better on the floor on Saturday,” said the coach.

Olivia Langdon had 20 points, Geena Morotti 9, and Alexis Perrone had 8. The team moves to 4-0 in league play and 11-1 overall in the standings. The team will play in a tournament this Saturday at Notre Dame High School with the first game against Cazenovia scheduled for 11 am (changed to 10:30 am).

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